Patrick Marold - Shadow Line

@Blunn Reservoir
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The shadow line  that is part of the Landmark exhibit, is a landscape work  installed at the west edge of Blunn reservoir. This work aligns the shadows cast by a series of vertical steel elements along the the north/south axis during the solar equinoxes, momentarily drawing a continuous line across the land at mid day.  This is a large scale work that continues an ongoing exercise of mine, typically on a much smaller scale, in which I align the shadows of objects to expose the passage of the sun during those specific moments in a day. Its a meditation on time and orientation, in relation to the sun. The shadows will continue to shift with the rotation of the earth, and the line disconnects as quickly as it aligned. 

In the context of  Blunn reservoir, the Shadow Line also introduces a physical interruption in the landscape, not unlike the adjacent fence lines in the open space, or the fence lines that delineate the western landscape with barb wire. 

I'm honored to contribute to this expansive exhibit along side so many great artists and their works.

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