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Collin Parson - Moiré Tower #8a (from the Interference Series)

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Born in 1982 in Denver, Colorado.

This piece is part of a series titled Interference, which is in relation to the "interference" fringes created by the Moiré effect. To create these fringes, similar but slightly offset patterns are overlaid to create fascinating perceptual effects. This series continues to explore my fascination with light, space, and perception. I hope to have viewers question “what am I looking at?” and to allow them to contemplate the reality they occupy. This sculpture is part of a larger installation of work currently at the University of Wyoming Art Museum that consists of transparent acrylic armatures ranging from 5’ to 10’ in height, with a printed pattern applied to a face sheet of acrylic allowing the design of the piece to easily be changed. A solar lighting system is then incorporated into the bottom of each piece allowing a glow to radiate throughout the installation at dusk.  The vertical composition of this piece references the trees of the landscape while the patterns speak of the topographical nature of our landscape. By slowing down to experience the work, I hope viewers will do the same with the environment which they occupy. I also hope viewers see the fascinating shadows and reflections that the sculptures create.

Born and raised in Colorado, Collin Parson currently serves as the Director of Galleries and Curator for the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities in Arvada, Colorado and is a former member at the historic Pirate: Contemporary Art cooperative and alumni of RedLine’s artist residency program. An arts administrator, artist, curator, and designer he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Design and Technology with an emphasis in Lighting and Scene Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his Master in Arts in Visual Culture and Arts Administration from Regis University in Denver. His creative work involves the control of light, pattern, and color to create perceptual light and space works. He has had the privilege of jurying many arts festivals and exhibitions and has received many awards and recognition for his curatorial and public art projects. He was awarded 100 Colorado Creatives by Westword magazine, 303’s Magazine “artist to watch in 2020”, and has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media. Parson is the son of Colorado sculptor Charles Parson, whose experience with the region's arts community helped Collin long before his professional career began. Growing up in a family of artists, Collin is proud to be continuing the educational and creative traditions. Parson is represented by Michael Warren Contemporary, Denver.   For more information please visit 

“The intention of a phenomenal art is simply the gift of seeing a little more today than you did yesterday”-Robert Irwin.

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