Corrina Espinosa - Majestic Beasties

@Saddlle Brook Park

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Hello, and welcome to Majestic Beasties! 


Majestic Beasties is a celebration of life, nature, and the environment through technology. Often tech is thought of as an artificial force that goes against the environment and pushes people away from the natural world. Sometimes, that is true. But that’s not always the case. I wanted to make an artwork that brings tech and the environment together and so the Majestic Beasties were born. They are part of a series of creatures that exist through site-specific Augmented Reality. As life-sized, animated 3D models who live inside a digital world and are only visible through your smart device, their lives are dependent upon technology. But, they are also dependent on the environment, as they are geographically pinned to specific GPS coordinates at the park, and therefore can only exist on your device when you are outside, near their natural habitat, somewhere  on the trail at Saddle Brook Park,


You can expect the experience to be somewhat like a scavenger hunt. You start by scanning the QR code on the sign at the entrance of the park with the camera on your smart device, then when the website opens, follow the prompts and start looking for the Beasties.  There are several small signs posted around the park that act as hints so you know where to look, but the digital animals have minds of their own and sometimes wander around a little bit. Some of the Majestic Beasties you will find along your journey at Saddle Brook are UniCOWrns  (unicorn cows), Cuppy Cakes (bouncy little critters who thrive near picnic tables), dancing Canadian Geese (just like real geese but with more rhythm) and Flying Fish and several more majestic bruts to discover! 


These are evolving species, over time you may notice them changing, growing, multiplying and maybe a new species will pop up from time to time. Viewers can keep coming back to see what’s new with the beasts by continuing to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!


I hope you enjoy the adventure, and if you would like to see more of my artwork and other uncanny inventions you can follow me on Instagram @AutonomousSoup, or check out my website at

LandMark: Arvada
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