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LandMark: Arvada

Thank you to the City of Arvada Arts & Culture Commission and Arvada Parks division for supporting and showcasing LandMark. This exhibit is a temporary, public outdoor exhibition curated by Kalliopi Monoyios and Anna Kaye on view through April 22, 2024.

This outdoor exhibition features the work of 14 accomplished regional and local Colorado artists. Each public artwork addresses the environment or sense of place—how the land has changed or highlighting what has always been there but remains overlooked. In a time that is marked by widespread isolation, these works are a direct connection between artists and people, fostering a sense of discovery, community, and environmental awareness. 

For more information and to see upcoming community events visit our website www.landmarkexhibit.org and Instagram @landmarkexhibit. Share your visit online using #landmarkexhibit

Participating Artists: Mindy Bray,* Mark Bueno, Brandon Bullard,* Corrina Espinosa,* Judy Gardner, Nathan Hall, Emily Grace King,* Jesse Mathes,* Patrick Marold,* Patrick Maxcy, Collin Parson,* Nikki Pike,* Yoshitomo Saito

LandMark: Arvada
  1. Nathan Hall - Chime Walk II
  2. Yoshitomo Saito - Bamboo Boy & Bamboo Girl
  3. Judy Gardner - Nesting Crane
  4. Patrick Maxcy - Safe Haven
  5. Mark Bueno - Betrothed To The Unknown
  6. Emily Grace King - False Shield
  7. Mindy Bray - Meander
  8. Jesse Mathes - From Thirty Inches to Six Feet
  9. Corrina Espinosa - Majestic Beasties
  10. Nikki Pike - Apology to JB
  11. Nancy Lovendahl - INTERCESSIONS 16 (Amour)
  12. Collin Parson - Moiré Tower #8a (from the Interference Series)
  13. Patrick Marold - Shadow Line