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Jesse Mathes - From Thirty Inches to Six Feet

@Sunrise Ridge Park
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This piece is titled From Thirty Inches to Six Feet.  It focuses on the drastic change in physical distancing we all experienced during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Americans usually stand about 30 inches from each other when interacting both one-on-one and in a group.  It’s a distance most people feel comfortable with in terms of having their own space, but close enough so that it feels like a friendly encounter.  When the CDC encouraged people to stand six feet from each other, many people felt the resulting social interactions to be awkward and unnatural.  For me it also felt very sad to have to be so distant from other people.  That we could no longer shake hands much less hug a close friend or family member.  

This piece is about that change in social interactions and personal space. The inner posts are placed thirty inches from each other and are painted blue to signify the calm of our natural physical distancing.  They are surrounded by posts that are six feet apart, and are painted red to reference the anxiety and fear of social interactions during the height of the pandemic.  

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