Nancy lovendahl june 8

Nancy Lovendahl - INTERCESSIONS 16 (Amour)

@Saddlle Brook Park

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Lovendahl is represented by Michael Warren Gallery

Hi, this is Nancy Lovendahl.  I’m the artist who made this piece that you are looking at called INTERCESSIONS 16 (Amour).  I live in Old Snowmass (the western slope) and I’m a longtime stone sculptor and public artist.  This piece is a favorite of mine.  I began The Intercessions Series for a big show and intercessions you may remember are “an act of intervening or mediating between two parties”- in many world belief systems its a prayer to God on the behalf of others.  Here, I am choosing to use the term as an intervening possibility for our own evolution.  I very much believe that we humans are in a huge opportunity for growth and this whole series, along with most of my work, comes out of similar ideas which focus on the concept of a needed evolution and getting us back to our own true nature.


The landscape is a huge interest in my making sculpture. I feel there is a sort of call and response with our environment.  By making art I feel like I understand where I am as a human and where I am in life.  So, its one of the most important inspirations for me and you can see there are many raw aspects to it and refined aspects (in the sculpture, like in our own nature).  I was thinking about love, movement, balance and creativity for we humans and the environment, when I was making it.  Thank you.

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