Patrick Maxcy - Safe Haven

@Standley Lake Park 86th pkwy underpass, park at Miller Street

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Standley Lake is a 1,200-acre reservoir providing the main water supply for the surrounding cities. At 96 ft deep it is full of amazing fish and wildlife. You never know creatures will be waiting to greet you along the trails near Standley Lake.

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LandMark: Arvada
  1. Nathan Hall - Chime Walk II
  2. Yoshitomo Saito - Bamboo Boy & Bamboo Girl
  3. Judy Gardner - Nesting Crane
  4. Patrick Maxcy - Safe Haven
  5. Mark Bueno - Betrothed To The Unknown
  6. Emily Grace King - False Shield
  7. Mindy Bray - Meander
  8. Jesse Mathes - From Thirty Inches to Six Feet
  9. Corrina Espinosa - Majestic Beasties
  10. Nikki Pike - Apology to JB
  11. Nancy Lovendahl - INTERCESSIONS 16 (Amour)
  12. Collin Parson - Moiré Tower #8a (from the Interference Series)
  13. Patrick Marold - Shadow Line