Bank of Washington

216 West Main Street

Present-Day - The Bank Bistro

The Bank of Washington was built in 1854. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, this Greek Revival-style building is virtually fireproof and boasts a brick-lined roof. It survived the threat of two massive fires, one in 1864 when the Union forces abandoned the town and another in 1902 that destroyed many other buildings downtown. It survived a most recent threat when its western neighbor burned in 1981. At one time, the Bank of Washington ranked the foremost in the state and won a high reputation for the prudent and able manner in which it was managed. The Bank was the State and County depository.

Harbor District Historical TourĀ - Washington, North Carolina
  1. St. Peter's Graveyard
  2. A. W. Styron House
  3. Farrow Shipyard
  4. Marsh House
  5. Myers House
  6. Hyatt House
  7. U. S. Weather Bureau Storm-Warning Tower
  8. J. S. Farren Oyster Cannery
  9. Mulberry Tavern
  10. City Market House
  11. Old Town Hall
  12. Old Beaufort County Courthouse
  13. John Gray Blount House
  14. Turnage Theater
  15. Hotel Louise
  16. Mallison Hardware
  17. S. R. Fowle Store
  18. Fowle Warehouse
  19. Bank of Washington
  20. Atlantic Coastline Terminal
  21. Pamlico Point Lighthouse
  22. Havens Warf
  23. Havens House
  24. Fowle House
  25. U. S. Lighthouse Service Buoy Yard
  26. More Information