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U. S. Weather Bureau Storm-Warning Tower

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A coastal warning display tower, sometimes known as a storm-warning tower, was a unique skeletal tower designed to provide hurricane warnings. The structures were developed in 1898 on the orders of President William McKinley. Records indicate that a storm-warning display and seacoast telegraph station were in place in Washington by 1900. The first storm-warning display-man in town was Mary Gallagher, wife of town physician Dr. James Gallagher. The Gallaghers lived in the house still standing at 629 East Main Street. It was in their backyard where the tower was first erected. Mary Gallagher was listed in 1906 Weather Bureau records as the "display-man" and received $12/month compensation for her services. She continued to raise the flags well into her 90s.

Harbor District Historical Tour - Washington, North Carolina
  1. St. Peter's Graveyard
  2. A. W. Styron House
  3. Farrow Shipyard
  4. Marsh House
  5. Myers House
  6. Hyatt House
  7. U. S. Weather Bureau Storm-Warning Tower
  8. J. S. Farren Oyster Cannery
  9. Mulberry Tavern
  10. City Market House
  11. Old Town Hall
  12. Old Beaufort County Courthouse
  13. John Gray Blount House
  14. Turnage Theater
  15. Hotel Louise
  16. Mallison Hardware
  17. S. R. Fowle Store
  18. Fowle Warehouse
  19. Bank of Washington
  20. Atlantic Coastline Terminal
  21. Pamlico Point Lighthouse
  22. Havens Warf
  23. Havens House
  24. Fowle House
  25. U. S. Lighthouse Service Buoy Yard
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