Coral reef

Coral Reef Tank Stop #13

Welcome to our Coral Reef Tank.  This is an excellent representation of our reefs ecosystem.  We do have the third largest barrier reef in the world and the only living reef in the continental United States.  Now, the reef in this exhibit is simulated.  We do this to show you some of the endangered corals that include the Pillar, Elkhorn and Staghorn corals. In the exhibit you will find over 50 species of native fish and over 2000 fish all together. You will find your Pilchards and Bumper Jacks racing around the center of the tank.  If you look towards the bottom you will find our Guitar fish and our Caribbean spiny lobsters.  But enjoy the beauty of all of these tropical fishes in here, like the Angel fish and the Tangs.  There is such a large variety of species in this exhibit, most of them are highlighted in the top row above the window.  Keep an eye out for our resident Cownose Stingrays and our Mobula Ray. The Mobula Ray looks almost like a Manta Ray and is a very genetically similar species.

Don't forget that if you would like to Snorkel or Dive in this exhibit and feed the Coral and Predator Reef animals, you can sign up at the front desk with one of our Guest Services Representatives.

Now, let's go up the steps to our Deep Water Isopod Exhibit.

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