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Alligator Exhibit Stop #8

Welcome to our Alligator Exhibit.  Here we will visit a few different tanks all of which are native to Florida.  Lets start off with the American alligators.  All of our alligators are on loan from the Everglades Alligator Farm in Florida City.  Alligators are also an indeterminate grower and will grow as long as they are alive.  The American alligator has been known to get to over 10ft in length and a couple thousand pounds. These alligators that we currrently have here in this exhibit are yearlings, within that very first year of life.  If you would like to feed these alligators there is a machine upstairs with their diet.  Gator food will come out and you can toss it right down to them.

If you would like to touch one of these alligators, you can do so at 2:40.

Now let's continue to our Freshwater Fish Exhibit.

Aquarium Encounters Virtual Guided Experience
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