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Everglades Area Stop #7

Welcome to our Everglades area.  This section of our aquarium has many different species. Some of these species are native and others are from different parts of the world.

One of our first exhibits is our African Spurred tortoises.  This species is native to the deserts of Central Africa.  Due to the pet trade, the African Spurred tortoise became very popular with many families, even though many didn't realize that they just picked up the 3rd largest species of tortoise in the entire world.  African Spurred tortoises have been know to get up to about 200lbs and live up to about 150 years.  Our tortoises get fed hay every day and we also feed them vegetables at 2:30, which you can help us with.

Another exhibit that we have here is the South American tortoise. There are two different species in the exhibit.  The larger of the two is the Yellow Footed tortoise.  Notice the yellow markings on the limbs.  Yellow foots are the largest species native to South American and get the common name of the Giant Brazilian tortoise.  The other species, the Red Foot, is smaller and only achieving about 18 inches in their full grown potential.

Now, let's continue over to our Alligator Exhibit.

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