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Natural Mangrove Lagoon Stop #1

Welcome to our natural Mangrove lagoon.  This lagoon is man made and was dredged out in the 1950's.  This lagoon is separated into three sections in a horse shoe shape, the Lagoon Snorkel area, Tarpon basin and Goliath basin.  This Lagoon is 15-25 ft deep and open on both ends to Vaca Cut.  The water comes in and out with the tide, so we are subject to changes in visibility, temperature and water level.

Red Mangroves surround much of the lagoon.  Mangroves have large arching aerial roots.  The root system not only protects from storm surge and coastal erosion, but it is an excellent nursery and breeding ground for many species.

There are many species in the lagoon such as Pilchards, Mangrove Snapper, Sergeant Majors and beautiful Rainbow Parrot fish.

You are able to purchase food to feed these fish at our bait shack that is located on the Island.

You are also able to snorkel in here if you participate in our Lagoon Snorkel Encounter.  You are in the water for about an hour and it's the best way for you to see everything that lives in here. 

Now, lets continue over to Stingray Cove.

Aquarium Encounters Virtual Guided Experience
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