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Tide Pool Touch Tank top #6

Welcome to the Tide Pool Touch tank. In here we have a variety of local invertebrates that you are welcome to explore with.  Please note that these animals cannot breathe above the water surface. So please, while exploring keep the animals in the water and always use a gentle hand.

Starting with our two protected species, which is the Queen Conch and the Bahama Seastar. Conchs are very popular in the Florida Keys.  They have been protected since the 1980s. These beautiful snails were well over fished for their delicious meat.  Snails and all marine molusks do produce the shell that they are in, so this snail is attached to its shell and has been from the very start.

The Bahama Seastar is another very popular animal.  These beautiful vibrant stars are the largest of the species that we have here in South Florida. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they were over collected to be kept, dried and used as a souvenir makes the Bahama Seastar a protected species.

Another species that we have in here is the Horseshoe crab.  Although, they are not a crab at all.  These animals have been around for millions of years, actually preceding dinosaurs at about 4 1/2 million years ago. Horseshoe crabs will shed their exoskeletons each time they molt.

Before we go to the other side of our aquarium don't forget to visit our Eagle Ray Cafe, hunt for sharks teeth and visit Vaca Cut.

As we continue on, please look to your left before crossing over the Tarpon Basin bridge.  Here you will find our Shrimp Boat Touch Tank.  This vessel hourses several different species of inverterbrates that you are welcome to gently touch.  keep in mind shrimp do not have fins like a fish to swim, rather shrimp can quickly pull up their abdomen towards its body or caropace.  This will shoot the shrimp backwars through the water.  If your would like to interact with them, gently scoop up sand with your hand to stir up shrimp.  Be careful not to chase or grab shrimp.

The majority of shrimp harvested in Florida are the Penaeidae family. Farfantepenaeus duorarum or Pink Shrimp is the most abundant species harvested in the State of Florida. 

Now, let's continue over Tarpon Basin Bridge to the Everglades area.

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