Tule lake internment poss

Challenge Stop #3 - Haiku

A Haiku poem is a Japanese poem.  It has 17 syllables in 3 lines of poetry.  Traditional Haiku poetry evokes images of the natural world.

Try your hand at writing a Haiku.  Mrs. Williams has the materials you need or you can use your own paper.  If you are willing, Mrs. Williams would love to display your Haiku in the library this month.

When you are done doing the Internment Camp challenges, you can return to the exhibit area to either board #4 (Zoot Suit Riots) or board #6 (Tulsa Race Massacre).

Racial Diversity
  1. Board #1- Public Enemy #1
  2. Board #3 - Going Home
  3. Challenge Stop #1- The Suitcase Challenge
  4. Board #4- Zoot Suit Riots
  5. Board #5- The Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  6. Challenge #4 - The Forensics Challenge
  7. Final Information on the Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  8. Board #6- Black Wall Street near Tulsa, Oklahoma
  9. Begin Here
  10. Challenge Stop #2- Origami Peace Cranes
  11. Challenge Stop #3 - Haiku
  12. Board #7 - In the End
  13. Board #2- German and Italian Internees
  14. Challenge #5 - Do You Have Racist Tendencies?
  15. Challenge #6- Skin Tone Sorting