Rainbow peace crane

Challenge Stop #2- Origami Peace Cranes

Challenge number 2 is to fold an origami Peace Crane to decorate the library for Christmas.  If you want to make one to keep, I only ask that you make 2 cranes- one to keep and one to donate to the library.  Retrieve your supplies from Mrs. Williams then head to computer #1 (right next to the E2020 lab door).  This computer will have a Youtube desktop icon that will take you to the origami peace crane instructions.  When you're done, you can do another challenge or move to board #4 (Zoot Suit Riots) or board #6 (Tulsa Race Massacre).

Don't forget to give Mrs. Williams a peace crane for the library.

Racial Diversity
  1. Board #1- Public Enemy #1
  2. Board #3 - Going Home
  3. Challenge Stop #1- The Suitcase Challenge
  4. Board #4- Zoot Suit Riots
  5. Board #5- The Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  6. Challenge #4 - The Forensics Challenge
  7. Final Information on the Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  8. Board #6- Black Wall Street near Tulsa, Oklahoma
  9. Begin Here
  10. Challenge Stop #2- Origami Peace Cranes
  11. Challenge Stop #3 - Haiku
  12. Board #7 - In the End
  13. Board #2- German and Italian Internees
  14. Challenge #5 - Do You Have Racist Tendencies?
  15. Challenge #6- Skin Tone Sorting