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Thank you for coming in to see the Racial Diversity Exhibit.  This year is the first year I've seen any kind of racism displayed in the library or in this school and I wanted to address it rather than let it pass.  I've waited until this late in the year to do the exhibit only because doing it in December coincides with the teaching of the Tulsa Race Massacre in Mr. Pharr's class and I felt this might make it more relevant to some students. 

To begin, make sure you've downloaded a barcode or QR code reader app on your smart phone.  Put your earbuds in.  When you arrive at a QR code in your chosen section, you scan the QR code and listen to the audio.  Each row will have at least one QR code that will help you better understand the poster board information.  If you don't know which barcode/QR code reader app to download, Mrs. Williams or your teacher can help you.

Now that you've got your app downloaded and your earbuds in, let's begin.  Go to the nonfiction section to the row closest to the card catalog computers.  The poster boards are numbered 1-7 with numbers 1-3 on the first row, 4 and 5 on the second row, and 6 and 7 on the third row.  The number will be either in the lower right or lower center of the poster board.  You don't have to do the boards exactly in order.  You can choose one row and do those boards in numerical order and you can start with any row you want.  Just know that once you choose a row, you'll be looking for the lowest numbered board to start with for that row.  When you're finished with each row, there will be a challenge or activity for you to do.  These are optional but I did try to find things that would make the exhibit more interesting and/or fun for you.  

When you've chosen your row and found the lowest numbered board in the row, you're ready to scan the QR code and begin the exhibit.  I hope when you're done you enjoy some friendly discussion with your friends about racism and how we can eliminate it here in the library and at JHS in general.  I hope you enjoy the guided tour and the exhibits.

Racial Diversity
  1. Board #1- Public Enemy #1
  2. Board #3 - Going Home
  3. Challenge Stop #1- The Suitcase Challenge
  4. Board #4- Zoot Suit Riots
  5. Board #5- The Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  6. Challenge #4 - The Forensics Challenge
  7. Final Information on the Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  8. Board #6- Black Wall Street near Tulsa, Oklahoma
  9. Begin Here
  10. Challenge Stop #2- Origami Peace Cranes
  11. Challenge Stop #3 - Haiku
  12. Board #7 - In the End
  13. Board #2- German and Italian Internees
  14. Challenge #5 - Do You Have Racist Tendencies?
  15. Challenge #6- Skin Tone Sorting