Germans in internment

Challenge Stop #1- The Suitcase Challenge

Go to Mrs. Williams to get the suitcase and other items.  Set them on a table near the circulation desk.  Here are your instructions:

In front of you is a suitcase along with personal items.  The Japanese people were only allowed to bring one suitcase with them to the internment camps.  Each individual's suitcase could only be as heavy or as big as that person could carry.  Inside that suitcase they had to pack any belongings they would need (without knowing how long they would be gone) plus the government-required items.  See how much you can pack into the suitcase.  The items with this suitcase include 5 changes of clothes and all the government-required items on the list except a blanket.  Once you've packed it, close it up and see if you can carry it.  Did you get everything in it?  How heavy was it once it was packed?  What do you have at home that you would have wanted to include in the suitcase?  Do you think this restriction was fair to the Japanese?

Once you've completed the suitcase challenge you can complete another challenge related to the internment camps or you can move on to the next section of the exhibit.  The remaining challenges related to the internment camps include making an origami Peace crane or writing a Haiku poem.  Mrs. Williams has the supplies for both challenges.  When you're done, go to board #4- the Zoot Suit Riots or board #6- the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Racial Diversity
  1. Board #1- Public Enemy #1
  2. Board #3 - Going Home
  3. Challenge Stop #1- The Suitcase Challenge
  4. Board #4- Zoot Suit Riots
  5. Board #5- The Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  6. Challenge #4 - The Forensics Challenge
  7. Final Information on the Sleepy Lagoon Murder
  8. Board #6- Black Wall Street near Tulsa, Oklahoma
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  10. Challenge Stop #2- Origami Peace Cranes
  11. Challenge Stop #3 - Haiku
  12. Board #7 - In the End
  13. Board #2- German and Italian Internees
  14. Challenge #5 - Do You Have Racist Tendencies?
  15. Challenge #6- Skin Tone Sorting