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Thank you for taking this Hearthstone’s Historic Tour of Appleton, and for supporting history and Hearthstone Historic House Museum.  If you enjoyed the tour, please consider donating on our website.

Tours of Hearthstone's interior (the Parlor is pictured above) are available Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm and on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:30 pm.  The hour long tours tell the story of Hearthstone, the birth of green energy, the founding of the paper industry along the Fox River, and the marvelous art that fills the home.

Other Hearthstone Historic Tours of Appleton that will be available soon include:

- “Old Third Ward Homes 1875-1930.”

- “Homes of the City Park Historic District 1870-1910.”

- “Pierce Park and Front Street Neighborhood Homes 1850-1900.”


- “Mills and Might: The Industries that Built Appleton 1850-1890” along the riverfront.

Hearthstone's Historic Tours of Appleton: Victorian and Edwardian Homes of Prospect Avenue 1849-1919
  1. "Hearthstone" The Home of Henry and Cremora Rogers
  2. Charles and Mina Pfennig Home
  3. Nathan and Virginia Morgan Home
  4. Theodore and Cynthia Conkey Residence
  5. Cynthia Conkey Home
  6. Paul Hackbert Home
  7. George Hogriever Home
  8. Jacob and Elizabeth Wolf Home
  9. William and Francis Sheer Home
  10. Ephraim and Louise Goff Home
  11. Raymond and Jean Bertschy Home
  12. John and Martha Whorton Home
  13. William Grant Whorton / John Van Nortwick Home
  14. Edward and Amanda West Home
  15. Henry and Emily Holbrook Home
  16. Thomas and Ophelia Brown Home
  17. Thomas Pearson Home
  18. 1880 Home
  19. Anthony Hoeffel and James and Mary Ritchey Home
  20. Joseph and Henrietta Plank Home
  21. George and Mary Potts Home
  22. Frank and Mary Slattery Home
  23. Thank you