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Jacob and Elizabeth Wolf Home

Jacob and Elizabeth Wolf Home at 335 W. Prospect Avenue.

Turn-of-the-century eclecticism is reflected in this house, built in 1903 by Jacob and Elizabeth Wolf.  The house offers Colonial Revival elements, such as the decorative front dormer, beside Neo-Classical Revival elements, like the Doric porch columns. The pediment area is ornamented with Doric columns and pilasters and a sunburst motif.  The two small hipped-roofed dormers offer Roman windows and dentician, which is carried throughout the facade. Single and grouped Doric columns support the full-facade front porch.  The porch itself features a simple entablature and a modilioned raking cornice with returns.

The home was built using rusticated "ornamental concrete block."  This man-made material, manufactured from portland cement, made concrete blocks a strong and inexpensive alternative to brick or stone.  The material offered middle-class families the opportunity to build lasting residences in a variety of styles.

The residence sits on property that was originally part of the Goff home (another stop on this tour).  Thomas Pearson sold the land to the Wolfs a year after buying the Goff residence in 1902.

The Wolfs owned and operated a shoe store in Appleton.  The store was family operated for more than 80 years.  This home is listed in the State and National Register of Historic Places as part of the West Prospect Avenue Historic District.

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