Paranormal museum tours

The Haunted Antique Shop's Paranormal Museum Tour

See our most haunted antiques and meet the gentle spirits who haunt our shop.

The Haunted Antique Shop's Paranormal Museum Tour
  1. Introduction
  2. Say Hello to Haunted Charlie
  3. Lucinda's Rocking Chair
  4. Cabinet of Curiosities
  5. Pirate, Merchant, and Monk
  6. Pick Your Poison
  7. The Newlyweds
  8. Winston Churchill's Toy
  9. Haunted Mirrors
  10. Haunted Dolls and Toys
  11. The Musical Miss Dennis
  12. Adopt a Teeny Tiny Ghost
  13. Spirit Key Pendulums
  14. Saint Katie
  15. Try a Tarot Reading
  16. Our Haunted Headquarters
  17. Psychic Jewelry
  18. Our Historic Dining Room
  19. Meet Author Corrine Kenner
  20. What is Tarot?
  21. What is Astrology?
  22. Grant Bly's Chandeliers
  23. Read the Tea Leaves
  24. Neighborhood Haunts
  25. The Rich Family
  26. Henry and Sarah DeLand
  27. John B. Stetson
  28. Stetson University
  29. Hulley Tower
  30. Bert Fish and the Courthouse Ring
  31. The Hanged Man of Chess Park
  32. Athens Theatre
  33. The Haunted Kitchen
  34. Primitive Kitchen Tools
  35. Gently Haunted: True Stories from the Haunted Antique Shop
  36. Feel Free to Browse