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Merfolk and the Faery lore

As in all nature spirits and elementals 

There comes the Faery lore 

All witchcraft must be done in balance 

The Merfolk expect to be treated like royalty and so they should be .

They truly are magestic.

And they know their worth.

The lore of balance.

Give and take must always be in balance or the universe will take as in karmic debt to those who are greedy.

The Merfolk hate those who do not pay their fair share ,always give your fair share of offerings to them in order for their majick .

After all they are extremely Powerful supernatural beings.

The Merfolk, once bonded with you ,it will be for life , next life and evermore .

Be sure if you take that commitment ,you uphold it and never turn your back on them .

In Merfolk lore you must honour to protect them with all your inner power and to truly be in kinship with them .

As the Merfolk will accept you as family and kinship and this must be honoured and upheld at all times .

Offerings and commitment and majick must be part of your lifestyle once you bond with them.

Not some passing phase .

For when you befreind in kinship with the Merfolk 

It truly is for eternity

The never ending love of the Merfolk 

Sea embrace 

Witch Guinivere and Rose

Working with the Merfolk spirts
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