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Offerings for the Merfolk

Offerings for the mermaids, the Merfolk .and sea spirits.

Here's an extensive list for you to choose from: 


Exotic fruits 


Roses and flowers 

Scented natural soaps 


Perfumes of essential oils 

Silver gifts of beauty 

Feminine gifts 

Mermaids love anything that holds a lot of feminine energy 

This is because they are the ultimate energy.

And this is a reflection of them .

Any of the gifts above are great 

When performing great power rituals, you should with the number 7 

As in give 7 peices of silver 

Or 7 crystals 

REMEMBER number 7 is the number of the Merfolk and Fae 

Try to work with the number 7 whenever you can 

Of course ,you don't always have to 

As this can start to be very expensive.

But in my workings of the Merfolk 

They will bless you always with Abundance for your love and work with them. 

So therfore you should always bless them back in return .

Sea embrace 

Working with the Merfolk spirts
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