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Diffrent types of sea spirts

Sea spirits! People often think immediately mermaids, when one says ,tell me a sea spirt. But there are many . And many we don't even have a name for or any great knowledge. But there are many. Light and dark. For the world ,truly is made up light and dark . And somewhere in-between. So let's have a look shall we. Mermaids, Mermen, Merfolk, Selkies, Swan maidens, and Nymphs. These are just a few out of many. Though the last two ,swan maidens and nymphs are more lakes and streams. But then the lakes , streams and rivers all connect to the ocean . They are born from the sea. So in fact they are ocean born. A little like cousins you could say. As faerie witches we do tend to make full use of this fact. And go to rivers and lakes to connect to sea spirts,when we can't get to the big old ocean for whatever reason. As the spirits and God's of the river or lakes and streams will surely take our dreams , messages and desires. Not forgetting offerings. These beautiful creatures are fae. And follow the same rule . Balance ! They do nothing for nothing and know there self worth . They see taking is greed and balance must be upheld at all times. Giving must be balanced with taking. For giving without taking will surely leave a karmic debt. The wheel of Fortune tells us this. The ultimate law of the universe be Faerie law

Working with the Merfolk spirts
  1. What's your calling ! Can you really do this ! part 1
  2. What's your calling ! Can you really do this ! part 2
  3. Diffrent types of sea spirts
  4. The difference between mermaids and sirens
  5. What do mermaids do
  6. Kinship
  7. Offerings and shareing in kinship
  8. Offerings for the Merfolk
  9. Merfolk and the Faery lore