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What's your calling ! Can you really do this ! part 2

Ok .spirit if the sea .

Your going to get the dark entites and the light , just like everywhere else .

Or even just the nosey few who maybe just passing by because hey your preforming WItchcraft right ! 

It do enlightens me ,when I hear people say if message me, as they do .

And say Witch Guinivere , omg ! 

Look what came up .

See my camera , this photo .

What is this Witch ! 

My response to them is .

Erm yeah , you're preforming WItchcraft .

What else do you expect .

Do you really expect nothing to show , for nothing to happen .

Come on guys .

Don't do it ,if you can't take the heat ! 

Trust me witchcraft is real .

If you can't handle things will happen or even worse sometimes tricky things that you're gonna have to clean up after right ! 

Get that sage out ! 

Then you shouldn't be doing it .

Yes , you'll need tweaking , even motivating as not everyone can do everything 

We're not meant to .

Put it this way.

You get 2 artists in a room 

Both have paints and paper and both are about to start their amazing art piece

Artist one .

Omg ! Give me a break, can't even paint a stick man , let alone any gift of art .

Say is that meant to be a house or Is it a horse .

Ok , you get my drift .

I think he best find a new hobbie .

Or should he .

Enjoy his hobbie if  it gives him pleasure .

Not everybody can produce great amazing works of art or produce awsome reactions .

But if it gives them pleasure .

Then that's what life is about .

Enjoying the journey 

Right ! 

Exactly ! 

Ok , so what about artist 2 .

Wow ! 

I mean seriously , this crazy guy had produced something out of this world .

I mean wow , talent and hell am I seeing right ! 

You sure are ! 

Ok He may work at Wal Mart , get minimum wage .

But he has talent , a hidden talent ! 

Not yet seen but the world or regonised yet .

Obviously not or he wouldn't be working in wall Mart on like $8 an hour or something right .

Well this is the thing you see 

Because the universe does not actually tell you how to get your gifts out there .

Ok , you may be blessed with gifts.

You may produce amazing art ,or music or even majick .

But it's up to you to get it out there ,be seen and become exactly who the universe told you to be before you were born ! 

Yep , sorry guys.

The universe unfortunately doesn't exactly tell you how to do that bit .

You have got to work that bit out for yourselves.

A bit like the fool card in the tarot .

The human being starting on his journey of life 

Through all the trails and errors .

Because that's exactly what your doing right know .

Every single one of us ! 

The universe does not make you famous .

You do ! 

It just gives you the tools to get out there and do it, we don't get a diy manual .

That bit is up to you to figure out ! 

Now coming back to the 2 Artist .

It's exactly the same with witchcraft .

You have either got it or you haven't ! Simple ! 

But hey that's not too say you have nothing ! 

Hell no ! 

The universe isnt that harsh 

I strongly believe that we all have something .

Now that may be in witchcraft 

Or it may not ! 

But you have something somewhere .

But again it's up to you to find it and get it out there .

And I'm gonna support you every step of the way ! 

So what are you waiting for 

Destiny awaits 

So let's get started ! 

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