11. view from the tower across chancel

The Tower.

The tower was added about early 15th century. There would probably have been a wooden Saxon tower previously, and separate from the church. There are louvered windows on each face at belfry level. The tower rooms areĀ  approached through a narrow door at the base of the tower. This gives access to the clock mechanism and the bells. There are 90 steps to the tower roof

St Mary's Portbury
  1. Portbury Church
  2. the Church of St Mary the Virgin
  3. The Porch and Heritage Centre
  4. The Berkeley Chapel
  5. the Elizabethan oak chest
  6. The Nave
  7. The Organ
  8. The Tower.
  9. The Bells
  10. The Clock
  11. The Chancel
  12. The Vestry and Hagioscope
  13. Tour End