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Teeny Tiny Ghosts

If you'd like to take a Teeny Tiny Ghost home with you, we can make that happen. You can even choose your own Teeny Tiny Ghost. They're all lined up by the front door, ready to go.

We bottle the Teeny Tiny Ghosts ourselves, and they'd be more than happy to accompany you on your travels. Each one comes with a guide to its care and comfort, along with an adoption certificate. 

Their names are old-fashioned, and each one is unique. We keep written records of all our ghosts, and we never use the same name twice. 

When you look through the adoption certificates, you'll notice that you're not the one doing the adopting. Instead, you'll find that Teeny Tiny Ghosts are the ones who actually adopt you -- just like real life. 

Each Teeny Tiny Ghost has its own personality. Some smile. Some look surprised. Some seem serious, while others look like they can hardly wait to get back out in the world and have some fun.

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