Cromwell creative district

Stop Zero: Cromwell Creative District Mural

Welcome to the Cromwell Creative Distirct and Cromwell Historical Society Audio Tour. This stop will provide an overview of the Tour Program. 

Cromwell Creative District; Historic House Tour
  1. Stop Zero: Cromwell Creative District Mural
  2. Stop One: Savage Store/Stevens Hall 336 Main Street
  3. Stop 2 Introduction to Zebulon
  4. Stop Three: Upper Houses Academy 346 Main Street
  5. Stop Four: William Hand House 348 Main Street
  6. Stop Five: First Congregational Church 355 Main Street
  7. Stop Six: Captain Absalom Savage House 357 Main Street
  8. Stop Seven Italianate Style Overview
  9. Stop Eight: John Haskell House 358 Main Street
  10. Stop Nine: Joseph Waters House 372 Main Street
  11. Stop Ten: Daniel Eells House 373 Main Street
  12. Stop Eleven: Elisha Stevens House 385 Main Street
  13. Stop Twelve: Captain Daniel Ranney House 380 Main Street
  14. Stop Thirteen 389 Main Street
  15. Stop Fourteen Samuel Spencer House 391 Main Street
  16. Stop Fifteen: Stevens/Frisbie House 395 Main Street
  17. Stop 16 Conclusion