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Cromwell Creative District; Historic House Tour

Join Cromwell Creative District and the Cromwell Historical Society on this exploration of Cromwell's history. As you stroll Main Street, enjoy inights into the varied styles and the people who built Cromwell's historic homes presented written by Richard Donohue. Photos provided by Janet Argenta. 

395 Main St, Cromwell, Connecticut, USA
Cromwell Creative District; Historic House Tour
  1. Stop Zero: Cromwell Creative District Mural
  2. Stop One: Savage Store/Stevens Hall 336 Main Street
  3. Stop 2 Introduction to Zebulon
  4. Stop Three: Upper Houses Academy 346 Main Street
  5. Stop Four: William Hand House 348 Main Street
  6. Stop Five: First Congregational Church 355 Main Street
  7. Stop Six: Captain Absalom Savage House 357 Main Street
  8. Stop Seven Italianate Style Overview
  9. Stop Eight: John Haskell House 358 Main Street
  10. Stop Nine: Joseph Waters House 372 Main Street
  11. Stop Ten: Daniel Eells House 373 Main Street
  12. Stop Eleven: Elisha Stevens House 385 Main Street
  13. Stop Twelve: Captain Daniel Ranney House 380 Main Street
  14. Stop Thirteen 389 Main Street
  15. Stop Fourteen Samuel Spencer House 391 Main Street
  16. Stop Fifteen: Stevens/Frisbie House 395 Main Street
  17. Stop 16 Conclusion