Shadow theater 2

Paris Chat Noir

And on the bottom shelf, shadow theatre was resurrected in Paris- particularly in the 1890s. A famous nightclub called a Chat Noir specialised in showing these shadow shows. And some very prominent artists were involved in their creation and composers too. 

Bill Douglas Cinema Museum
  1. Shadow Theatre
  2. Ombrascopes
  3. Paris Chat Noir
  4. Introduction to Panorama
  5. Diorama and the Dissolve Effect
  6. Protean Views
  7. Optical Toys
  8. Praxinoscope Theatre
  9. Magic Lanterns
  10. Edison and Dickson: Kinetoscope and Mutoscope
  11. Lumière Cinématographe
  12. Robert Paul: Moving Pictures
  13. Hepworth's Animated Photography