[Train Whistle] Around 15,000 years ago, small groups of people traveled from Siberia to what is now modern-day Alaska via a land bridge. The different small groups of Paleo Indians slowly migrated with some moving all the way to the Eastern Woodlands, which covered most of the Eastern United States. As the Paleo Indians moved into the forests, they constantly adapted their way of life to the new environment. They developed new ways of hunting animals and gathering food, and invented new types of tools. [Train Whistle] 

Augusta's Story
  1. Paleo-Indians
  2. Stallings Island
  3. The Age of Exploration: The DeSoto Exhibition; 1540
  4. Early Colonial Period; 1685 – 1736
  5. Late Colonial Period
  6. The American Revolution, 1776 - 1783
  7. Antebellum Society
  8. Dave: Enslaved Potter and Poet
  9. Cotton
  10. Civil War; 1861 - 1865
  11. Reconstruction
  12. The Golden Blocks
  13. The Augusta Canal and the Cotton Industry
  14. Petersburg Boat
  15. Industrial History
  16. Mill Life
  17. World War I
  18. The Great Fire of 1916
  19. 1920s
  20. World War II
  21. Savannah River Site
  22. Integrating Augusta
  23. The Augusta Riot
  24. 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s in Augusta
  25. Augusta and the Late 20th Century to Today
  26. Thank you to our partners