Fairfield Road Bridge, Droylsden (towards Fairfield Junction)

Ahead, we are about to pass under the Fairfield Road Bridge, which leads us into the Fairfield Junction at Droylsden, where we will turn around for our return journey.   You will see the new developments and apartments built on the right.


The Fairfield Junction is a well-preserved part of the Ashton Canal.   As we enter, you will see to the right, the entrance to the Droylsden Marina.   On the left is lock 18, which is the start, (or end) of a series of 18 locks leading to, or from Manchester, depending on your direction of travel!


Just to the left, set back from the bridge, is the site of the Moravian settlement.   The Moravian church and settlement was founded in 1785 with the opening of the chapel and choir houses.   Some 1,500 people attended that first opening church service.   During the 18th and 19th Centuries, the Moravian settlement developed into a virtually self-contained community, with most of the essential facilities in place.   Despite the many changes in the life of the Settlement over the past 200 years, the Church, with its worshipping and serving congregation, remains its focus and heart.

Community Spirit 2 - Portland Basin to Droylden and return
  1. Brief History
  2. Former Ashton Canal Warehouse
  3. The Hooley Hill Rubber and Chemical Company
  4. Prince’s Dock (former short-arm canal)
  5. Jeremy Brook Bridge
  6. Guide Bridge and Saint Stephen’s Church
  7. Winding Hole
  8. Fairfield Road Bridge, Droylsden (towards Fairfield Junction)
  9. Site of former Robertson’s Jam factory
  10. Lumb Lane Bridge
  11. Ashton Packet Boat Company (Boatyard) 
  12. Former Oxford Cotton Mill
  13. Margaret Street Bridge (and former Junction Mills)
  14. Dukinfield Aqueduct