Portland basin museum

Former Ashton Canal Warehouse

As we depart Portland Basin, we leave what was in the early 1800s an important transport hub for canals converging at this point.   It was a vibrant, busy canal junction handling goods travelling between major centres of mining and cotton production.   The building, which now houses the Museum, was originally the Ashton Canal Warehouse.   The three-storey building was constructed in 1834.   The arches in the lower part of the building were shipping holes, where boats could sail into the warehouse to load and unload materials.

Community Spirit 2 - Portland Basin to Droylden and return
  1. Brief History
  2. Former Ashton Canal Warehouse
  3. The Hooley Hill Rubber and Chemical Company
  4. Prince’s Dock (former short-arm canal)
  5. Jeremy Brook Bridge
  6. Guide Bridge and Saint Stephen’s Church
  7. Winding Hole
  8. Fairfield Road Bridge, Droylsden (towards Fairfield Junction)
  9. Site of former Robertson’s Jam factory
  10. Lumb Lane Bridge
  11. Ashton Packet Boat Company (Boatyard) 
  12. Former Oxford Cotton Mill
  13. Margaret Street Bridge (and former Junction Mills)
  14. Dukinfield Aqueduct