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D’Jean Jawrunner, is a sculptor and fine art Professor Emeritus, living in rural New Mexico. Her work is inspired by a life committed to innate curiosity and intellectual growth.  

 Iron has long been important to her work as she is awed by fire and its transformative power.  This series is designed as an exploration of cast iron, using the high temperature of the molten metal, to accomplish the surface texture. After the sculptures are made, wood is applied. As the iron flows into the molds, it sears and burns the patterns of the wood on to the pieces. This surface is only possible, due to the almost 3000 degree heat of the molten iron.

 D’jean Jawrunner, emerged from an ancestry of story tellers, with a need for narrative, whether literal or abstract. Her art reflects the sustainable nature of what it means to find community in a changing world. This sculpture is available for sale for $7000. 


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