Aquatic Birds

Look out for resident bird species such as sandpipers, kingfishers, cormorants, swallows, and Brahminy Kites, Sandpipers can be found combing the exposed sandbars for food whereas kingfishers and cormorants can be found on tree branches, Kingfishers have a harsh, laughing call, and feed on fish, lizards, frogs, small crabs and insects, Swallows dive along the river beds of the mangroves looking for insects, and Brahminy Kites will be circling overhead,

Mangrove Kayak Trail Tha Chatchai
  1. Mangrove Roots
  2. Aquatic Nurseries
  3. Sandbars
  4. Aquatic Birds
  5. Climber Crabs
  6. Molluscs
  7. Leaf litter
  8. Rera species mangrove
  9. Mangrove Seedings