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Mangrove Seedings

Look out for long, green mangrove seedings which develop while still attached to their parent plant, Seedings are heavy and pointed so they stick upright in the muddy river bottom when they fall, This helps to avoid the seedings from being washed away by changes in the tides. You can collect seedings fallen from their parent plant and drop this above muddy sand bottoms with the pointed side facing down, helping nature a little bit. 

Mangrove Kayak Trail Tha Chatchai
  1. Mangrove Roots
  2. Aquatic Nurseries
  3. Sandbars
  4. Aquatic Birds
  5. Climber Crabs
  6. Molluscs
  7. Leaf litter
  8. Rera species mangrove
  9. Mangrove Seedings