22. altar

The Chancel

The Chancel is the most holy part of the church. Note the high pointed Chancel Arch giving the separation between the Nave and Chancel. Originally there would have been a Rood Screen at this point with steps to the left of the Chancel Arch, and a gallery above the Rood Screen. Minstrels could play and sing from here. This was made illegal by Queen Elizabeth I and churches were ordered to remove the screen. Fortunately, Portburys was not removed until the Victorian renovations took place from 1874. Parts of the Rood Screen were re-used to create the gateway to the tower that you have already seen..

The stained glass windows are Victorian with the largest behind the altar commemorating Alfred Brittan, a resident of Failand Hill House who paid for the building of the Village Hall in 1894.

St Mary's Portbury
  1. Portbury Church
  2. the Church of St Mary the Virgin
  3. The Porch and Heritage Centre
  4. The Berkeley Chapel
  5. the Elizabethan oak chest
  6. The Nave
  7. The Organ
  8. The Tower.
  9. The Bells
  10. The Clock
  11. The Chancel
  12. The Vestry and Hagioscope
  13. Tour End