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Breezewald Park

 Heading towards the town, you will see Breezewald Park by the lake. Cross the street and take a stroll down the walkway towards the lake. The park is a great place to take a short breather, and grab a snack or drink at the Sunset Grill. Breezewald has been a popular beach for swimming, boating and picnicking since the 1930s or earlier.   You may choose to cut through Breezewald and walk down Lakeview Place to get to West Main, but then  you’d miss out on the next couple of historic stops. Don’t wimp out! After your break get back on the sidewalk by the road, and walk on to the stoplight up in town. When there you can hit NEXT.

A Historical Walk Around the Lake
  1. Paulus Park
  2. An Old Golf Course
  3. Breezy Point
  4. Pine Tree Row
  5. Lake Zurich Golf Club
  6. Lake Zurich’s Outlet
  7. Breezewald Park
  8. Paine and Main
  9. The Farman Hotel
  10. The Lake Zurich Creamery
  11. The Sea Wall
  12. The Bruce Ice House
  13. The Robertson House
  14. Along Robertson Road
  15. Whitney Road