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Welcome to Starcross!

Starcross Monastic Community is a small, independent community of people living peaceful lives in the contemplative tradition and offering encouragement and affirmation to gentle folks on all spiritual paths.

Our home is in Sonoma County’s coastal hills. We respect and cherish the relationship between nature and spirituality. We produce certified organic extra virgin olive oil, and farm sustainably in our gardens and orchards.

This sacred space provides a sanctuary for friends living out their unique spiritual vocations. Current projects also include sharing reflective writings with readers through our mailing list, providing a free food bank in this under-served area, and preserving our beautiful 91 acres for future generations by means of a Conservation Easement.

Our story is winding and complex, stretching across the country and across the world. Throughout it all, we have striven to live mindful lives and be of service.

You are welcome to embark on this audio tour between the hours of noon and 4:30 pm. Please be respectful and do not enter any buildings unless you are welcomed to do so, as residents and visitors reside on this property.

34500 Annapolis Road, Annapolis, CA, United States
Welcome to Starcross!
  1. The Farm Stand, Farmhouse, and Barn
  2. Olive Groves, Fruit Orchard, Garden, and Greenhouse
  3. The Monastic Residence and Garden of Memories
  4. The Chapel and Meditation Circle
  5. Forever Wild