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South Main Street, Phillipsburg, New Jersey Walking Tour

Welcome to the South Main Street, Phillipsburg New Jersey Walking Tour. Phillipsburg New Jersey is located in the most southern region of Warren County New Jersey, at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers. The town was incorporated in 1861 and through the years, has maintained the main street feel with architecture dating back to the eighteen-fifties. The designated Historic District includes 29-178 South Main Street well, except for the gas station at the traffic light at Hudson. The district also includes 3 Hudson Street, and on Morris Street, 9 plus 12 through 30, 17 and 21 through 27 in Union Square, 8 through 10 Market Street and finally the district extends north onto North Main Street including buildings 7 to 11.

While here, enjoy Phillipsburg's Railroads, Restaurants, and Riverfront Recreation, Any season in Phillipsburg. Adventure Starts Here, like the Train Excursion and festival, Music in the Park, Concerts on the Delaware River, or exploring the many walking trails that follow the Morris Canal to the gated opening on the Delaware River. 

The walking tour is ordered from the Free Bridge to Shappell Park, with interesting facts, or at least what we think is entertaining, offered along the way. Feel free to tell your friends and neighbors about the tour and the many experiences that Phillipsburg has to offer as a family destination. So, enjoy your walking tour, and thanks for visiting Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

So let's start with a little information about how it all started. The present site of Phillipsburg was established in 1654 as an Indian village and, according to a period map published by a Dutch engineer, Vander Dork, was called Chintervink. It is said to have been the favorite fishing ground of the Indians. The "history of the Lehigh Valley," published in 1860, gives the following interesting facts:

"The origin of the name of Phillipsburg is not well-known, the impression being that it was named after a large landholder by the name of Phillips, who resided here in the early days; but the more plausible supposition is that it was derived from the Indian chief Philip, who took up his abode in this place. This Indian chief was an intimate friend of the great chief Teedyuscung. For more evidence, the town name of Phillipsburg was found on the map of the inhabited parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, published in 1749 by Evans, before Mr. Phillips' set up residence here."

Welcome to South Main Street, Phillipsburg, New Jersey!
  1. South Main Street, Phillipsburg, New Jersey Walking Tour
  2. Northampton "Free" Bridge
  3. Union Square
  4. Union Square Hotel
  5. The Apothecarium
  6. Bullman Street Stairway
  7. Phillipsburg Arts Building
  8. Elks Club Building
  9. Presbyterian Manse
  10. Stites and Lander Stewart Mansion
  11. 96-98 South Main St
  12. Dale Estate
  13. 118 South Main St
  14. Phillipsburg National Bank
  15. 129 South Main St
  16. 131 South Main St
  17. Skinner Building
  18. 165 South Main St
  19. Union Train Station
  20. Red Vandergrift "Black" Bridge
  21. Joe's Steak Shop
  22. Shappell Park
  23. Thanks for visiting South Main Street in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.