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The Lazaretto Green

This open space has served many functions throughout the Lazaretto's history: tents have been pitched to accommodate quarantined passengers, a riot broke out to protest conditions here, lawn sports have been played by wealthy Philadelphian country-club members, and seaplanes have taken off and landed at the water's edge. 

To get to this stop, walk to the metal winch between the Lazaretto Building and the riverfront in the middle of the open space.

The Lazaretto Audio Tour
  1. Welcome to the Lazaretto!
  2. The Gate
  3. The Bakehouse
  4. The Seaplane Hangar
  5. The Lazaretto Green
  6. The Flagpole
  7. The Bargemen's House
  8. The Quarantine Master's House
  9. The Porch
  10. The Burial Ground