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Parris Island Museum, Iron Mike Tour

Welcome to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, home to the Marine Corps Depot and the Eastern Recruiting Region. Here, these two commands serve one mission of recruiting quality young people and making Marines. The Depot is responsible for training recruits from roughly the area east of the Mississippi River. The Eastern Recruiting Region oversees three recruiting districts, covering 28 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Marine Corps established bootcamp here in 1915 and since then has been in the business of making Marines. At the end of their 13 weeks of rigorous training, they will earn the title United States Marine.

283 Blvd De France, Parris Island, SC, USA
Parris Island Museum, Iron Mike Tour
  1. Before you go...
  2. The Driving Tour (a 15-mile loop)
  3. Phone Numbers
  4. While On Your Tour...
  5. Stop 1: Parris Island Museum
  6. Stop 2: Depot Headquarters
  7. Stop 3: Iron Mike and Molly Marine
  8. Stop 4: Brig & Brew
  9. Stop 4 (Continued): Pool and Laundry
  10. Stop 5: Naval Hospital
  11. Stop 5 (Continued): Building 295, Bakery
  12. Stop 6: Historic District, Part I
  13. Stop 7: Historic District Part II
  14. Stop 7 (Continued): Parris Island Dry Dock
  15. Stop 8: Beaufort River and Boat Landing
  16. Stop 9: Buildings 66 and 67
  17. Stop 10: Building 102
  18. Stop 11: Drill Instructor School and Building 172
  19. Stop 12: 4th Recruit Training Battalion
  20. Stop 13: World War II Women's Reserve Area
  21. Stop 14: Flying Field
  22. Stop 14 (Continued): Ballast Creek and Marsh
  23. Stop 15: Page Field
  24. Stop 16: Freedmen's Community
  25. Stop 17: Charlesfort-Santa Elena National Historic Landmark
  26. Stop 18: Elliot's Beach
  27. Stop 19: Rifle Range
  28. Stop 20: Leatherneck Square and Confidence Course
  29. Stop 21: Drill Instructor and Purple Heart Monuments, Recruit Chapel
  30. Stop 22: Parade Deck and Iwo Jima Monument
  31. Stop 23: Douglas Visitor Center
  32. We Hope You Enjoyed the Tour