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Curated by artist Raymond Fung, INKfinity is an exhibition that showcases the works of 23 modern Chinese ink artists. From the exploration of form, texture, and colour to wide-ranging themes that examine the nature of art, abstraction versus figuration, art as a process, identity and social issues, these artists employ unconventional and experimental strategies to their art. 

With ink as the primary medium, a variety of substrates and techniques are employed to demonstrate the infinite possibilities for creative expression through the use of ink. Two dimensional works are juxtaposed with three dimensional forms to create interesting dialogues amongst these works.

  1. Quietude before dawn by Kan Chi Hung
  2. Jade of Yuanyang by Lily Hui
  3. Wandering in City by Andrew Law
  4. Social Harmony - Ji Xiang Zhi Zhi 1-3 by Esther Lo
  5. Cave by Salome See
  6. Self Kiss by Stan Lai
  7. The moments by Arco Lee
  8. My name is Jane by Yipang
  9. Microcosm by Anothermountainman
  10. Calmly Observe, Live Happily by Yvonne Chow
  11. Kung Flu Fighting by Zhiyeren
  12. Edges and Corners by Rina Ko
  13. Inkvisible Fragrance by Liu Jia
  14. The shimmering blurred by Francis Ng
  15. Looming trees in the mist by Maria Yu
  16. Among the miles of ripples, where does the ice flow? by Robert Wee
  17. The Heaven and Hell and Mountain of Fire by Yolanda Tse
  18. The Other Side by John Wong
  19. Chord by Amy Tang
  20. Coexist by Peggy Choi
  21. Undercurrents by Alice Yu
  22. Life Journey by Celina Wong
  23. Flowers in Frost by Elizabeth Cheng