John small marker

John Small

This interesting North Carolina Historical Highway Commission Marker is one my favorite stops along the tour route.  It affords me a chance to tell you about a formerly enslaved women who was once owned as a young child by Isabella Carter Wharton Small's relatives on Rosedale Plantation in Washington.  Rosedale was owned by Isabella's father Colonel Rufus Wharton.  Small was mayor of Washington from 1869-1890. He was a member of Congress... 

African American History
  1. Elmwood Plantation
  2. Stewart Ellison
  3. Hull Anderson
  4. John Small
  5. Food Trade
  6. Fowle House
  7. Bird's Nest
  8. Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum
  9. A Love Story
  10. Washington Barber
  11. Brown's Opera House
  12. More Information