Hull Anderson

The next stop on this amazing tour is 520 West Main Street, now known as the Grist-Rodman House.

This was the the location of Washington's most celebrated ship yard owner and builder, a freed slave named Hull Anderson. 

Anderson was born in 1784 and owned by William Orr.

He learned to caulk ships, making ships watertight, as a boy on the Rope Walk Plantation owned by Samuel Durden. 

In 1809 Orr gave his slaves Hannah, Sam, Hull, Andrew (his brother) and Little Hannah to Sally Anderson…

African American History
  1. Elmwood Plantation
  2. Stewart Ellison
  3. Hull Anderson
  4. John Small
  5. Food Trade
  6. Fowle House
  7. Bird's Nest
  8. Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum
  9. A Love Story
  10. Washington Barber
  11. Brown's Opera House
  12. More Information