Jesse westry

Meet Jesse Westry

Jesse Westry is yet another Cornerstone of Atlantic Terminal Houses. When he first moves into the building in 1976, he's greeted with the task of carrying his daughter up 25 flights of stairs... but the view is still worth the walk.

Cornerstone Stories: Voices of Founding Residents of Atlantic Terminal Houses
  1. Welcome to Atlantic Terminal Houses
  2. Meet Marie Livingston
  3. Marie Livingston: from South Carolina to Atlantic Terminal
  4. Meet Thealma Fraser
  5. Meet Jesse Westry
  6. Jesse Westry: from Appalachia to the Army
  7. Marie's love story: Phil Livingston
  8. Thealma's love story: George Mario Fraser
  9. Jesse Westry's memories, & Cornerstone visions for the future
  10. Behind the scenes: Creating "Cornerstone Stories" during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic