Jesse westry with mask

Jesse Westry: from Appalachia to the Army

Jesse Westry comes of age in North Carolina, one of 9 boys. They call their mother "Sergeant Westry," and she instills in Jesse a value he carries for life: "If we can feed 10 people... we can feed 1 more."

Cornerstone Stories: Voices of Founding Residents of Atlantic Terminal Houses
  1. Welcome to Atlantic Terminal Houses
  2. Meet Marie Livingston
  3. Marie Livingston: from South Carolina to Atlantic Terminal
  4. Meet Thealma Fraser
  5. Meet Jesse Westry
  6. Jesse Westry: from Appalachia to the Army
  7. Marie's love story: Phil Livingston
  8. Thealma's love story: George Mario Fraser
  9. Jesse Westry's memories, & Cornerstone visions for the future
  10. Behind the scenes: Creating "Cornerstone Stories" during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic