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Cornerstone Stories: Voices of Founding Residents of Atlantic Terminal Houses

Created by Ryan Conarro & Celeste Staton

CORNERSTONE STORIES is an invitation to experience the grounds of New York City Housing Authority's Atlantic Terminal Houses, as well as the larger neighborhood of Fort Greene, through the histories and memories of three residents who've lived here since the very beginning in 1976: Thealma Fraser, Marie Livingston, and Jesse Westry. The Atlantic Terminal Tenants Association dubs these residents "cornerstones" - foundations of the building and the community.

This audio walk is created by Ryan Conarro and Celeste Staton, who also narrates the walk. Music is by DJ and producer Johnny Famous, an Atlantic Terminal resident.

This project is supported by the Performance Project at University Settlement Artist in Residence Program; Atlantic Terminal Tenants' Association; and Atlantic Terminal Community Center. CORNERSTONE STORIES was made in partnership with Brooklyn's Future Historical Society, of which Celeste and Ryan are both founding members. (To experience the 5-minute audio postcard they created in 2019 for the historic Lafayette Ave Presbyterian Church, please click here.)

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485 Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Cornerstone Stories: Voices of Founding Residents of Atlantic Terminal Houses
  1. Welcome to Atlantic Terminal Houses
  2. Meet Marie Livingston
  3. Marie Livingston: from South Carolina to Atlantic Terminal
  4. Meet Thealma Fraser
  5. Meet Jesse Westry
  6. Jesse Westry: from Appalachia to the Army
  7. Marie's love story: Phil Livingston
  8. Thealma's love story: George Mario Fraser
  9. Jesse Westry's memories, & Cornerstone visions for the future
  10. Behind the scenes: Creating "Cornerstone Stories" during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic