Engine 5 12 300

The High Point

You are standing on the highest elevation of the trail at 1,235 feet above sea level. Rain water that falls to the East of here flows into the Trinity River system and to the West, the Brazos river system. Train Engine number 5 proved it was ‘the little engine that could’ by hauling, in one day, 125,000 tons of construction material for the Federal government to build Camp Wolters near Mineral Wells. Engine number 5 exceeded its 800 ton capacity by hauling part of the freight up the grade to this spot, leaving the cars on a siding. It then returned to pick up the remaining cars, rejoined the rest of the train for final delivery at Camp Wolters. This completed contract earned the railroad enough money to purchase a larger engine to handle larger construction material loads until Camp Wolters was complete.

Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway- Weatherford Trailhead
  1. Weatherford Trailhead
  2. Town Creek Bridge
  3. Trees and Plant Life
  4. Sunshine Lake and Path
  5. Coyotes on the Prairie
  6. Cattle Crossing
  7. Hawks and Vultures
  8. The High Point
  9. Cold Springs Road- Lemley Cemetery
  10. Parker County Watermelons
  11. Texas Spotted Whiptail Lizards
  12. Roadrunners
  13. Bois D'arc Tree
  14. Home Site of the Railroad Manager
  15. Garner Trailhead