Cold Springs Road- Lemley Cemetery

You are at Cold Springs Road. About 200 yards north of here on Cold Springs Road you are welcome to visit the Lemley Cemetery. This cemetery contains graves of area settlers back as far as 1866. A marker, located at N32 49’33.6” W097 53’34.4”, tells of John Leeper, the very first grave in the cemetery and how he was “killed by Indian while gathering corn.”

Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway- Weatherford Trailhead
  1. Weatherford Trailhead
  2. Town Creek Bridge
  3. Trees and Plant Life
  4. Sunshine Lake and Path
  5. Coyotes on the Prairie
  6. Cattle Crossing
  7. Hawks and Vultures
  8. The High Point
  9. Cold Springs Road- Lemley Cemetery
  10. Parker County Watermelons
  11. Texas Spotted Whiptail Lizards
  12. Roadrunners
  13. Bois D'arc Tree
  14. Home Site of the Railroad Manager
  15. Garner Trailhead